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tv   CBS Morning News  Me-TV  October 28, 2015 4:00am-4:30am CDT

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little better. >> that's the overnight news for this wednesday. for some of you, the news captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, october 28th, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." republicans gear up for their third presidential debate. this time with a new front-runner and more of the candidates ready to go on the attack. the treatment of a south carolina student by a school resource office gets federal attention. multiple investigations are under way after the video surfaces showing the cop tossing the girl around a classroom. the royals and the mets bring new meaning to the term
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playing one of the longest and most dramatic games in world series history. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. the republicans hold their third presidential debate tonight and the focus is the economy but this time the dynamic has changed. ben carson has replaced donald trump at the top of the field. the new poll has carson edging out trump. but while more than half of trump supporters say their minds are made up, 79% of carson supporters say that they could change their minds. don champion is here in new york. >> reporter: people saw a kinder, humbler donald trump at a rally he held in iowa yesterday.
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eve of what could be an important debate for the billionaire billionaire. >> i don't like being second. second is terrible to me. >> reporter: donald trump held his second rally of the week in the early voting stage of iowa, this time, pleading for support. >> will you do me a favor and work with me people and go out on february 1st and vote and give us a victory? >> reporter: for the first time a new cbs news poll shows the billionaire businessman trailing neurosurgeon ben carson in part because of his personality. evangelicals prefer carson's tone and demeanor. >> i'm just going to keep doing what i've been doing and that is telling the truth and talking about the things that i think, are relevant to the people. >> i've about had it with these people. >> reporter: on in need of a
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john kasich attacked his republican roilveedsivals and specifically calling out carson. >> we have one candidate saying we should abolish medicaid and medicare. have you heard of anything crazier than that. >> reporter: expect plenty of fireworks. the republicans will face off again on november 10th for their fourth debate. the three democratic candidates will then square off in their second debate four days later in des moines, iowa. >> thank you, don. coming on "cbs this morning" we will discuss tonight's debate with moderator of "face the nation" and cbs news political director john dickerson. hillary clinton appeared on "the late show" last night and said if she is elected to be president one priority is make the economy work for everything and something she says the republicans don't get. >> we have got to get back to putting the middle class at the
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center of our politics. and we have got to make it clear that what has been tried by the republicans, every time they get a chance, cutting taxes on the super wealthy, getting out of the way of corporations, doesn't create broad based prosperity but creates more inequality. >> reporter: clinton said if she is president, if the banks get in trouble she would let them fail our break them up. speaker john boehner pushed the deal through. it would boost spending by 80 billion dollars over two years and make reforms to social security and end the threat of a government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling until march of 2017. >> the agreement isn't perfect by any means, but the alternative was a clean debt ceiling increase without any additional support for our
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so this is a good deal. >> conservative lawmakers are not pleased. many are against the measure because of the way the bill was agreed to, involving weeks of secret talks. today, the republican caucus votes on paul ryan's candidacy for speaker. ryan hasn't said how he'll vote on the budget, but said the process, quote, stinks. he has promised major changes to the legislate process to appease conservative members. the full house votes for gnaw speaker tom. the former speaker of the house dennis hastert is due in court today where he is expected to plead on guilty in a hush money case. last june, hastert pleaded not guilty to violating bank laws and lying to the fbi. the change of plea is part of a deal with prosecutors. it's reported hastert allegedly used the money to conceal claims of sexual misconduct decades ago. and this morning, several investigations are under way into the treatment of a south carolina high school student by
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it began when the student allegedly refused to put away a cell phone. it ended with the officer flipping her out of her chair and dragging her across the classroom. marlie hall has our report. >> reporter: the federal department is investigating ben fields. he is seen wrapping his arm around a female student's neck and flipping her over and dragging her across the floor. other students were horrified. >> it seemed, like, really violent and it was really, really hard to watch. >> reporter: deputy fields was called in and instruct to remove the student after she repeatedly refused to put away her cell phone. the chief says she is wrong with disrupting the class and. >> started with her and ended with my officer. what i'm dealing with is what my
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deputy school. >> reporter: the school says the safety of all students is their primary concern. >> we, the board, will work with the sheriff's deputy to look at the screening process and which officers are in our schools. >> reporter: fields is suspended. the sheriff says he expects to complete his investigation in 24 hours. the federal probe could take several weeks. marlie hall, cbs news. often unfairly scapegoated for larger social problems that cause crimes. >> i reject any narrative that seeks to divide police and communities that they serve. >> reporter: the president
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police and their communities. randolph holder will be laid to arrest today. a motorcade escorted. holder is the fourth nypd officer murdered in the line of duty in 11 months. much of the east is bracing for heavy rain. storms over the midwest will move into the atlantic states today. some areas will get up to 2 inches. the remnants of hurricane patricia turned charleston streets into rivers. a storm brought heavy snow to the mountains in colorado. drivers faced low visibility and slick roads. the conditions are blamed for several accidents. coming up on the "morning news." blockbuster merger. walgreens halloween controversy. walmart pulls costumes called
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you can now order a pizza just by texting them a pizza emjoi. i also heard that taco bell is going to have an emjoi delivery promotion also. it's a little different. you text them a taco and then a toilet and fire. >> i know the whole story there. on the cbs "moneywatch" a halloween costume controversy and a major drugstore merger. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, gill. >> good morning. walgreens is buying rite aid for billion dollars cash. it will create a drugstore giant. name will remain but that could change. walgreens own dwayne reed stores in the u.s.
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markets didn't move much as the investors wait to see what comes out of a federal reserve board two-day meeting which ends today. and appears unlikely the fed will raise interest rates this year. the dow lost 41 points and s&p fell 5. the nasdaq finished 4 points lower. tech giant apple is on a roll. apple reported another record earnings for the quarter of over 11 billion and boosted by surging sales in china. apple said it sold 48 million iphones in the three months ending in september. apple forecasts it will surpass last year's record iphone sales in the current quarter. it end the session down half a percent. twitter stock was down big. investors acted on lower than expected earnings for the current quarter. twitter sruggled, adding new users share of the messaging service lost nearly 11% of their value before finishing up 1%. northrup-grumman won an air force contract to build the next generation bomber. the deal is valid at 80 billion dollars.
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northrup-grumman produced the b-2 stealth bomber, but the new airplane may have the ability to fly without a pilot. walmart reportedly stopped selling controversial halloween costumes that sparked outrage in the arab community. "the new york times" reports walmart pulled the sheikh nose from its online store following criticism that it could be used in racist anti-arab costumes. the latex prosthetic nose was described perfect for an arab shape. walmart also appears to have pulled children's israeli soldier's costume from its website as well. >> jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. coming up on "cbs this morning," how the iconic stetson hat is planning a comeback as an american classic. still ahead on our morning newsstands, broadcast blackout. television technical difficulties in the fourth inning leave world series
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administration new options to expand the fight against isis. the recommendations include putting special operation forces in syria for the first time. they would put u.s. advisers closer to the firefight in iraq. the pensacola news journal. deputies arrested a man they say killed his mother and two adult half-brothers. investigators are calling the murders ritualistic. donald hartung is charged with killing his 77-year-old mother and two half-brothers. the sheriff says the killings might have been motivated by witchcraft and the appearance of a blue moon. >> the fact that mr. hartung was engaged in that. the reason why i say that is there were some statements that he had made and some evidence found at his home that clearly indicated that tie-in. >> prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. the vancouver sun" reports british columbia promising more certain and
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the area of a vessel that cap sized sunday killing five british nationals. an australian remains missing. the area has seen a boom in whale watching tourism. "the boston herald" reports on a real life salem witch trial. a woman calling herself a witch is suing a self-proclaimed war lord in salem, massachusetts. she accuses the man who says he is the best known warlord of harassing her by internet and by phone for years. "the kansas city star" reports that world series watchers had fun on social media with a power outage that knocked fox's broadcast off the air. but it was no laughing matter outside kauffman stadium. crews rushed to get the electricity flowing again in the fox broadcast truck. fox eventually switched over to an international broadcast to get the game back on the air. coming up in sports, highlights of what turned out to be the longest world series game ever. and breaking the bad news.
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my brother brian was here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. yep, that is mr. met. the mascot conducting the metropolitan opera orchestra as they play the mets fight song ahead of game one of the world series. you can feel the baseball fever in new york and on display in kansas city last night. game one starting off like no other in world series history. royals lead-off hitter alcides escobar swings at the first pitch he sees and he hits an
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giving kansas city the lead. shades of big buckner here. royals first baseman eric hosmer misplays a ground ball and brings the go-ahead run home for the mets. the royals aren't done. with one out in the bottom of the ninth, alex gordon drives a ball way over the center field wall to send the game into extra innings. and in the 14th, hosmer redeeming his game. he hits a sacrifice fly to give kansas city a 5-4 win in what turns out to be the longest game in world series history. it was an emotional night for kansas city starting pitcher edinson volquez. his father actually died before the game but his family didn't want him to know about it before he took the mound. >> i was keeping my eye on him. didn't want him to hear about it. i was keeping my eye on him. and he was fine. he didn't know and i guess after the game is when he found out.
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>> volquez pitched six innings in game one and it's unclear if he'll pitch later in the series. game two is tonight. the new nba season tipping off last night. the golden state warriors unveiling a championship barn for the first time in 40 years but did it with steve kerr not on the bench. he is recovering after complications from back surgery. the warriors keep it up beating new orleans 111-95. president obama taking in the season's opener of his beloved chicago bulls. pau gasol's rejection of lebron james in the final seconds, secures chicago's 97-95 win over the cavaliers. earlier tuesday, president obama welcomed the u.s. world cup women's soccer team to the white house. the president praised the team for inspiring millions of kids to dream bigger. >> this team taught all of america's children that playing like a girl means you're a bad ass. >> shortly after the ceremony, all-time leading goal scorer abby wambach announced her retirement. she took a selfie with the
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i do i do like madam's secretary." >> you do? >> i do, actually. i do. >> don't just say that because it's a cbs show. >> no, no. because i watch "madam secretary" and i watch "good wife." yeah, yeah. but we watch a lot of odds and ends. we have a good time. >> do you ever call him up and say where is my residual check? where is my royalty? >> no, but madeleine albright was on an episode a couple of weeks ago herself. she was playing herself. >> are you jealous? >> a little. >> want me to call somebody? because i know people over there. >> hillary clinton dishing with
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favorite tv shows. to binge watch on last night's "late show." republicans hold their third presidential debate tonight at the university of colorado. the debate will focus on economic issues, including taxes and job growth. the justice department is investigating this incident at a south carolina high school. a white school resource officer grabbed a black student and flips her backwards and drags her across the room. he was summoned to the classroom because she allegedly refused to put away her cell phone. the nightmare for the parents of a missing 19-year-old colorado teen is over. she is back home this morning safe and sound. 19-year-old taylor gammel's parents believe she sleepwalked out of her home early yesterday and it's not the first time it's happened. her parents called police who found her nine miles away at her uncle's house. >> how that all transpired, we just don't know yet. it's quite the mystery. we are very, very relieved she is safe is number one. >> deputies believe she even
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sleepwalked on to a bus. police in montgomery county, maryland, are cracking down. on distracted drivers. in an undercover sting, a police officer is disguised as a panhandler on the side of the road. he identifies and reports drivers texting or using their phones. >> lane two. randover, range recovery. >> fellow officers down the road flag the drivers over and issue tickets. police believe the majority of rear-end collisions are caused by distracted driving. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a warning about car seats that can break and collapse in crashes. and could be potentially deadly. kris van cleave has an exclusive investigation. plus why the owners of a farmhouse who inspired a famous horror movie are suing a
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and d.j. diplo joins us in the studio. and meet an extra large dog that flies in style. hank was wheeled on to an americanairlines flight in los angeles on sat. the dog sat in first class with his owner. because of an illness, hank gained weight and could only get around in a padded cart. that is the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday.
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have a great day. elizabeth: right now at 4:00, 30, critical condition. what we're learning about an ankeny teen shot by a perfect stranger. >> it's just scary. it's scary beyond the point of scary. eric: plus, hazing horror. some north central iowa parents want to take their kids out of school after several disturbing cases are reported at a high school. >> i couldn't believe it. it was absolutely laughable. elizabeth: a former navy seal has his car stolen not once but twice.
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